Development services

ILande has completed many bespoke development projects for clients from small fixes to existing codebases, to developing a full application backend in several different languages. Below is a list of our development services:

- Embedded firmware written in C

ILande has over a decade of experience writing embedded firmware in C, frequently using QEMU instead of real hardware to aid rapid prototyping and development.

- Bespoke QEMU machine and device modelling

Often companies developing their own hardware look to use emulators such as QEMU to enabled software development without physical hardware. Several development projects at ILande have involved fixing bugs within QEMU’s existing device emulation, or even creating new devices for existing boards for testing.

- Backend PHP and Laravel development

Laravel is a popular low-overhead framework for writing PHP application backends with a RDBMS backend which enables a simple backend application (include server-side web APIs) to be put together extremely quickly.

- Backend Java development with Spring

For more complex backend applications, ILande can produce a Spring (Boot) Java application that can interface with any part of the Java ecosystem, with the ability to add monitoring and logging that can integrate with existing enterprise solutions.

Consultancy services

ILande also offers a number of consultancy services for clients looking for expert advice and support for their own internal projects:

- PostgreSQL analysis and application optimisation

ILande has a very close history with the PostGIS project: it’s director was a member of the PostGIS PSC (Project Steering Committee) between 2009 and 2019, and therefore has low-level knowledge of PostgreSQL and PostGIS internals. Drawing upon this knowledge it is possible to analyse existing applications and find ways of speeding up complex database queries, sometimes by a factor of 10 times or more.

- Migration of virtual machines between hypervisors (Hyper-V, VMWare, Xen, KVM)

Often enterprises need to migrate existing virtual machines between different hypervisors for consolidation purposes, or migration to the cloud. ILande has many years experience helping clients to migrate their existing VMs to new infrastructure with minimal loss of service.

- Implementing DevOps infrastructure

Many companies today are investing in DevOps infrastructure, either in the cloud or on-prem, to provide huge gains in developer productivity. With experience migrating build systems to a DevOps workflow using standard technologies such as GitLab/Github, Jenkins, Terraform, OpenStack and Kubernetes, ILande can help you transform the efficiency of your build and release pipelines.