Our Work

ILande has completed many projects for various clients over the years and is proud with its track record on delivering applications on time. Below you can find some testimonials from our clients:

  • Renesas

    At Renesas Electronics, one of the world’s largest semiconductor companies, we had a vintage Mac computer running critical software to control fabrication tools over the serial port. The repair costs and availability of these vintage Mac computers was becoming a concern, so a project was initiated to run the software using a Mac emulator on modern PC hardware.

    After some initial success in getting the software running, it was found that external serial communications from the emulator were unreliable. Several other Mac emulators were then tested in turn, but each one was unable to communicate successfully with the fabrication tool.

    Whilst considering various support options, ILande was recommended as a potential resource to help resolve the issue. Mark was able to quickly replicate our environment locally and reproduce the error. We then commissioned ILande to evaluate possible solutions and provide a time/cost estimate for fixing the bug and providing installation media containing a working emulator image.

    The chosen solution involved patching both the Mac emulator itself and the control software binary within the emulator to ensure reliable serial communications with the fabrication tools. As a software developer, I was extremely impressed with Mark’s ability to diagnose this low-level serial driver error and provide a solution which was all completed within the original time/cost estimate.

    We are extremely grateful for your expertise and effort. - Craig